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2nd edition of the National Competition for Young Researchers Scholarships. April 1st to June 8, 2024

The Pediatric Research Foundation will award four pediatric research excellence scholarships of $30,000 each in 2024-2025.

Value is not measured in number of years in the field; in fact, there are young researchers at our research centres and universities who share a common vision with the Pediatric Research Foundation. Like us, they dream of helping sick children get better—and they have the tools and skills to make it happen.

For this second edition, the Pediatric Research Foundation will be awarding 4 $30,000 grants of excellence. These grants will enable new researchers to develop a pilot project, helping them to qualify for major funding agencies. Among these, the INNOVATION Grant will be awarded to the project that stands out for its innovation criteria.

The Pediatric Research Foundation believes in the importance of collaborative work and the decompartmentalization of pediatric research: it wants young researchers to surround themselves with collaborators from several pediatric research centers.

2023 prizewinners
    Dr. Raoul Santiago, CHU de Laval – Centre mère-enfant Soleil, for his project “Provincial prospective registry on the use of exception drugs in pediatric oncology.”
  • Pediatric Research Foundation Scholarship
    Dr. Kenneth Myers, Montreal Children’s Hospital, for his project “Premature telomere shortening: a treatable disease mechanism in mitochondrial DNA depletion disorders?”
  • Pediatric Research Foundation Scholarship
    Dr. Alexandre Reynaud, Montreal General Hospital, for his project “Evaluation of the efficacy of a new binocular treatment for amblyopia by diacopic reading of electronic books.”
  • Pediatric Research Foundation Scholarship
    Dr. Mallory Downie, Montreal Children’s Hospital, for her project “Using genetics to understand phenotypic variability in childhood nephrotic syndrome for precision medicine.”

Principal investigator eligibility:

  • Researcher supported by a research center (with a pediatric research mission) recognized by the FRQ-S(Fonds de recherche Québec Santé)
  • 10 years or less of experience as an independent researcher
  • The researcher must agree to participate in the FRP’s promotional activities for his/her project.
  • Annual reporting for 5 years based on FRP form.
  • Early-career researchers who have not yet received a major grant from a granting agency will be given priority by external peers from their institution.
  • Commitment to knowledge transfer and advancement
  • Integrates a DEI culture (diversity, equity, inclusion)


  • Can be senior researchers (10 years and >)
  • One of the researchers/collaborators must be attached to another university and come from a research center in Quebec other than that of the principal investigator.
  • Two of the researchers/collaborators must come from a research center in Quebec other than that of the principal investigator, and at least one of them must be attached to another university.


  • Original (new project)
  • 2-year period
  • Funding amount = $30,000 ($15,000 per year)
  • Structuring (leverage effect of the proposed project)
  • Innovative (must be in innovative fields)
  • Impact on children’s health
  • Clear plan for knowledge transfer
  • Must not be funded by an organization outside the research center.
  • Has the potential to lead to lead to wider research program?
  • NEW: The project with the most innovative criteria will receive the Innovation Grant.


  • Complete a standardized application form for the competition via the FRP website.
  • Obtain a letter of support from the center director or an academic institution.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the FRQ-S principal investigator with the usual appendices

Timeline :

  • Competition from April 1st to June 8, 2024
  • Deadline for electronic submission – June 8 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Announcement of winners – August 2024 (date to be confirmed)
  • Award ceremony – with donors – 8th CPRME October 2024 – (date to be confirmed)

EvaLuation committee :

  • Dr. Bruno Piedboeuf, Chairman of the PRF Scientific Committee and Director of the Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Research Axis, CHU de Québec
  • The committee is made up of 2 evaluators from each of the following 4 research centers: CHU de Québec, CHU de Sherbrooke, CHU Sainte-Justine and McGill University Centre


  • For questions about the contest, eligibility rules and for receipt of forms before June 8, 2024 -11:59pm. Contact Carole Lalande at or at 514-595-5730 ext. 221.

Application form for young researchers scholarships 2024

"*" indicates required fields

Summary of problematic, research hypothesis(es) and objectives, method and analyses, expected results.
The text must be popularized so that it can be understood by educated readers who are not necessarily scientists
Describe the project’s unique contribution and how it differs from other pediatric research projects. Describe how the project will contribute to the development of the researcher’s research program
Describe the immediate impact of your project and the long-term effects of your research program on children’s health. Specify the population targeted by this project (e.g.: number of children with the disease under study in Canada and/or the number of children who would be included in the study). How does your project contribute to the sustainable development of your community? Specify the positive social, economic and environmental impacts?
List collaborators and their role(s) in the project (must include at least one collaborator from a center with a pediatric research mission other than that of the principal investigator). Letters of collaboration can be appended.
Specify the leverage effect this funding could have (e.g. positioning for major funding, development of collaborations, structuring effect for the long-term research program, etc..
Estimate the duration of the project (start and end dates) and the expected deadlines for project deliverables.
With justification
Describe knowledge mobilization plan
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 3.
    For example: Curriculum vitae (last 5 years), appendices, etc. 3 documents maximum

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