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NEW: 1st edition of the National Competition for Young Researchers Scholarships.

The Pediatric Research Foundation will award four pediatric research excellence scholarships of $30,000 each in 2023-2024.

Value is not measured in number of years in the field; in fact, there are young researchers at our research centres and universities who share a common vision with the Pediatric Research Foundation. Like us, they dream of helping sick children get better—and they have the tools and skills to make it happen.

The Pediatric Research Foundation will make it possible for the next generation of researchers, the daring, deserving and ambitious researchers to develop a project that will allow them to qualify for funding from major granting agencies. The Foundation firmly believes in collaborative work and the importance of creating synergy in pediatric research: we hope that researchers will team up with researchers from different research centres working in the pediatric field.

Eligibility rule

Principal investigator eligibility:

  • Researcher supported by a research centre (with a pediatric research mission) recognized by the FRQS
  • Be a researcher with 10 years of experience or less
  • The researcher agrees to participate in activities organized by the Foundation to promote the project
  • Annual reporting for five years based on the Foundation’s form
  • Early career researchers who do not yet have major funding from a granting agency or through their institution’s external peers will be prioritized
  • Commitment to knowledge transfer and progression
  • Commitment to promoting a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) culture


  • May be researchers (10 years and >)
  • One or more researchers must be from at least two research centres located in Quebec. However, they must not be from the same centre as that of the principal investigator’s and must also include at least one collaborator from a university other than that of the principal investigator’s


  • Original (new project)
  • Structuring (leverage effect of the proposed project)
  • Innovative (what new knowledge will the project bring?)
  • Will have an impact on children’s health
  • Clear knowledge transfer plan
  • Must not be funded by an organization external to the research centre
  • Two years duration
  • $30,000 in funding ($15,000 per year)
  • With potential to lead to a broader research program
  • Some axes will be predetermined 
  • The scholarship will be named after the donor or the company  


  • Fill out a standardized competition form
  • Obtain a letter of support from the head of the centre or university
  • Principal investigator’s FRQS CV with the usual appendices

Schedule :

  • Competition launch – June 1, 2023
  • Deadline for electronic submission – July 15 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Announcement of winners – October 2023
  • Official presentation of scholarships – with donors – October 20, 2023


  • Dr. Bruno Piedboeuf, Director, Reproduction, Maternal and Child Health Research Axis, CHU de Québec
  • Dr. Isabelle Marc, Researcher, Reproduction, Maternal and Child Health Research Axis, CHU de Québec
  • Dr. Fréderic Dallaire, Director, Mother and Child Research Axis, CHU de Sherbrooke
  • Dr. Jean-Paul Praud, Researcher, Mother and Child Research Axis, CHU de Sherbrooke
  • Dr Sebastien Perreault, Research Associate, Population Health and Best Health Practices, CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Dr. Dan Poenaru, Researcher Child Health Research Research Institute of the MUHC 
  • Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine, Researcher Child Health Research Research Institute of the MUHC 


  • For questions about the contest, eligibility rules and for receipt of forms before July 15, 2023 -11:59pm.
    Contact Carole Lalande at or by telephone at 514-595-5730 ext. 221.

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