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A wind of change is blowing through the Foundation. We have new colours, a new name, a new image, but the same mission!

From now on, the Foundation of Stars is the Pediatric Research Foundation. And it has a new signature: Accelerating cures for kids! The Foundation’s focus is on pediatric research and the medical advances, both large and small, fueled by this research.

Over the past ten years, research has made giant strides at breakneck speed; and yet, some diseases remain stubbornly incurable. In this context, funding for pediatric research is vital, because achieving our ambitious goal is more realistic than ever.

Curing the incurable

The Pediatric Research Foundation is a driving force for pediatric research, funding the most promising research projects with a view to curing more children, faster.

Beyond our new name and image, which have gained focus and maturity—our new brand identity places innovation at the core of our actions, allowing us to connect with new donors and give our community the chance to be more involved with the cause.

We are committed to this promise, and today, we launch an invitation to anyone who wants to get involved with the movement: let’s help accelerate the pace of discoveries in pediatric research and cure every last sick child.

Thank you for being part of the adventure!
Josée Saint-Pierre
esident and CEO

Why is the Foundation of Stars changing its name and image, and why now?
In 2019, the Foundation of Stars decided it was time to take a careful look at its identity, and began exploring various hypotheses with help from branding experts. The process took three years (including some pandemic disruption) and was exhaustive: comparative study of other foundations, consultations with groups of experts (a strategist, a donor, the Board of Directors, the strategic committee, the entire Foundation team), a survey of select donors, and more.


  • A brand whose impact is largely unknown, not very distinctive after 45 years
  • A competitive industry
  • An abstract universe from the public’s point of view
  • A need to stick more closely to our core mission, which is more vital than ever

OUR POSITION: We are a driving force in pediatric health funding the most promising new research projects that, thanks to the Foundation’s financial support, will help cure even more children, faster.

Accelerate the pace of discoveries in pediatric research, to cure every single sick child.

The Foundation is wholly committed to this promise, and is launching an invitation to Quebecers of all ages and all walks of life to join the movement: to accelerate the pace of discoveries in pediatric research, to cure every last sick child.

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Children are our collective wealth, our reason for being. Research is constantly striving to find solutions to enable them to lead a healthy life! Support research into children’s diseases with a donation.

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