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  • Children benefit from the latest advances in research on childhood diseases.
  • Researchers help more children get better through innovative projects. 
  • Research centres join forces to find cures for young patients. 
  • All areas of pediatric health research receive support. 
  • Financial support is allocated to address the most pressing needs. 

One dollar =
5 to 20 times more in research funds!

When you donate to support our mission, you give a boost to a research project in its early stages.  

Professors, doctors and researchers need you! Your donation will help create a leverage effect as other funders join us to support the cause.  

When the PRF funds a promising research project, other institutions join in, paving the way for significant investments and solutions to help sick children on the road to recovery.  

Research funding : amounts, how and why

Discover the 6 main areas of excellence in pediatric health, the 4 pediatric health research centres in Quebec supported by the Paediatric Research Foundation and the answers to your questions!