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Natural history of asymptomatic central venous catheter thrombosis in children with cancer

This project has several innovative elements. First, the concept of incidentally discovered asymptomatic VTE, or VTE, is largely unstudied in pediatrics, unlike its adult equivalent. Given the major differences between pediatric and adult oncology in terms of the types of cancers encountered, the anticancer treatments administered, and the use of CVCs, the management of asymptomatic VTE in pediatrics cannot simply be extrapolated from adult data and deserves to be studied in its own right. The methodology previously used in adults will therefore be adapted to a new population and a very different clinical environment.

Second, this study will be large enough to assess the impact of asymptomatic thrombosis in children with cancers other than acute lymphoblastic leukemia, as these diagnoses are underrepresented in the current literature. Finally, research on post-thrombotic syndrome in pediatrics is limited by the lack of recognized standards for its diagnosis and grading. In this project, investigators will use and compare several tools to advance scientific knowledge in this field regarding the diagnosis of PTS for research and clinical use.


Principal researcher

  • Dre Marie-Claude Pelland-Marcotte, Associate researcher, Reproduction, Maternal and Child Health Axis, CHUL


  • CHU Québec Research Centre: Professor Nils Chaillet
  • CHU Québec: Dr. André Lamarre, Julie Bouchard
  • CHU Sainte-Justine: Dr. Thai Hoa Tran
  • Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia: Dr. Paul Monagle
  • SickKids Hospital, Toronto: Dr. Leonardo Brandao

Research Center

  • Research Centre CHU de Québec-Université Laval

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Project category

  • Cancer
  • Inflammations and infections