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Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program (IDIGH)

This project involves an innovative approach using state-of-the-art techniques, including high-dimensional immunophenotyping combined with single-cell transcriptome analysis (CITE-seq), which allows for the simultaneous study of RNA and proteins from a single cell. Applying this state-of-the-art technology to pediatric fibrotic CD tissue on cells from different diseased regions in the same patient will provide insight into cell flow and function in different areas of the gut. Our study focuses on monocytes and macrophages. Although they play a crucial role in inflammation and fibrosis, no study has described their distribution and role in the GLMs of pediatric IBD patients. Yet, understanding the interactions and functions between the cells is a prerequisite for the development of new therapeutic approaches to prevent fibrosis.


Principal researcher

  • Dr Laurence Chapuy, Researcher, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Assistant Professor, McGill University Health Centre, McGill University


  • CHU Sainte-Justine: Dr. Colette Deslandres, Dr. Dorothée Dal-Soglio and Dr. Marianne Beaudin
  • Montreal Children’s Hospital: Dr. Hussein Wissanji and Dr. Van Hung Nguyen

Research Center

  • McGill University Health Centre - MUHC

Funded year


Project category

  • Cancer
  • Inflammations and infections