Complaints management policy - Pediatric Research Foundation
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Do you wish to file a complaint against a staff member or volunteer, or voice your opinion on a situation you feel is inappropriate? Please read our Complaints Management Policy.

1. Receipt of complaints

Verbal complaint

Once a verbal complaint is received, it will be dealt with immediately by an employee. If a complaint requires a more detailed analysis, it will be forwarded in writing to the person in charge of the activity or team concerned. This document includes the complainant’s name, telephone number, address, e-mail address and a summary of the complaint. Details of the activities and people involved are also provided. The manager must notify you of receipt of the complaint within three business days.

Written complaint

Complaints received in writing must include the information above. You will be referred to the manager of the activity or team concerned. An acknowledgment of receipt must be sent to the complainant within a maximum of 72 business hours.

2. Resolution of complaints

Complaints will be handled and resolved as quickly as possible, in a way that is fair, equitable and respectful to all concerned. The individual responsible for the complaint must try to resolve it within 10 business days. However, if the problem cannot be resolved, the file will be forwarded to the President & CEO.

If the President & CEO is unable to resolve the complaint, it will be forwarded to the Chair of the Board of Directors. However, if this person is involved in the complaint, it will be handled by another member of the Board of Directors.

The complainant must be kept informed of the progress of their complaint and given clear and detailed reasons for the final decision. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is being handled or with the final decision reached, you may request that your complaint be referred to your supervisor.

Your complaint will be processed within 10 business days and resolved within one month of receipt.

3. Documentation of complaints

Directors must keep a copy of all complaints they receive that cannot be resolved immediately. Finance, Human Resources and Administration maintain a full record of complaints received, including the handling and resolution details. An annual summary is given to the Board of Directors.