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While problematic eating attitudes and behaviours can surface during childhood and have extremely harmful effects over the long term, there have been no large-scale trials with enough participants to monitor children over a long period of time in order to identify and understand the psychosocial factors associated with the development of problematic eating attitudes and behaviours.

Principal investigator

  • Professor Isabelle Thibault, PhD in Clinical Sciences, Professor at the Faculty of Education and Psychoeducation, Université de Sherbrooke Research Centre

Metabolic and cardiovascular health Neurodevelopment and mental health

Data from the Institut national de santé publique indicate that suicidal behaviours are increasing at an alarming rate in Quebec, especially among youth (Lévesque, Rassy and Genest, 2022). Girls aged 14 to 19 years make the most visits to the emergency room and are more often hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. An increase […]

Principal investigator

  • Prof. Jessica Rassy, RN, PhD, Associate Professor and Researcher

Neurodevelopment and mental health